Fork and Shock Spring

Hey All,

All the reading I do about suspension on my bike says its basically sprung for a 160 to 180# rider. Slightly less than my 250#'s. I don't race, just trails and very rough stuff at times. My question is would I really benefit from the purchase of more appropriate springs for my weight and install them without re-valving. From reading the manual I believe I can do this easy enough and only be out about 200 for heftier factory springs. I really have no complaints with the bike as it is but I do bottom it out from time to time.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Your valving is probably ok but you definately need heavier springs. Try the Race Tech web site for spring rates for your weight or your local dealer. If heavier springs are not enough valving might be the go.


I'm 215-220 pounds (depends on my Corona intake that week)and I put a 5.4 on the rear and 46's up front. I probably could of used a 5.6 rear and 47's in front but I like plush a ride. I still bottom on the nasty stuff, but then again thats not all bad. Fine tuned suspension should bottom every once in a while. That way you know you are using the entire stroke.

I left the valving alone for now.

I am 220 LB and run a 5.6 on the back and 48's in the front (a little stiff in the front but managable). I was running at the end of the threaded collar on the stock spring with way too much preload to get my sag set up right. It is so important to get springs for your weight and riding style.

Thanks all for the input. I'm leaning toward a set of Race Tech Springs. .49 Front and 5.7 Rear. For those that have installed the front springs it looks from the manual that I could probalby do this without even removing the forks from the bike. Am I dreaming? :)

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