Bike floods bad when kicking??

04 WR 450, Canadian version

It had the stock exhaust uncorked, the air box cut outs (never had a snorkle), and grey wire cut (debate on if that actually does anything on the 04 Canadian bikes), and there is no AIS from factory.

Jetting was stock, and the stock main was a 160.

Started to smoke a bit at high rev's last year so figured it was time to get into the top other issues.

Put in rings, honed cylinder (Cause of smoke..), new Hot Cams, valve seals, gaskets, etc, and cam chain, timed to spec, valves adjusted to spec (as per the "Cam Card" which came with cams...), added a FMF Ti-PowerCore, and a adjustable fuel screw.Went to a 168 main, and fuel screw is 1 3/4 turns out as a starting point.

Starter decided to kick the bucket...I won't get into details, as this will be long enough, and I'll worry about the starter later, but we did confirm it is a starter issue, and nothing to do with top end work.

point is, this is why I'm kicking....

Used to be:

Fuel on, choke on, 2 twists of throttle, magic button, good to go.

Now, the bike will flood pretty much instantly when kicking, even if you do not touch the throttle!

We kicked our guts out, and there was gas running out of the carb in short order. Noticed petcock was leaking, layed bike down to change, lost all fuel in bowl, stood bike back up, fuel off, kicked a few times, fired right up. Idles good, throttle response seemed good....let it warm up, shut down for a heat cycle.....tried starting again, just to see, fired on first kick.

Let bike get cold, went to do another heat cycle, same thing....flooded all to hell...bump started, bike fired, got another heat cycle, shut down.....kicked bike, fired instantly.

Next day, tried again, did not touch the throttle, choke in, choke out, tried everything, bike flooded.

Bump start away we go, bike fired.

OK, so, we figure the jetting CAN'T be that far off, we got three heat cycles on it, figure it good to take out on the street and just check throttle response, idle, lugging it down, etc, while still being a bit careful with engine....a couple quick half throttle twists from idle to half power! Instant response, no bog, no stutter, instant wheelie! 2nd, 3rd gear.....instant response....instant's a tractor on the low end....lug the crap out of it, in short, it's just plain ol awsome!

Shut down....first kick, bike fires.

Cold starts though, it's impossible, and a nightmare. We checked the float, played with the adjustable fuel screw....nothing is helping....

The only thing else I have to offer is that we are kicking it on the side stand. Tomorrow I'm going to do a real 30 min break in ride on it, and then pull the cover, check valves, timing, etc.....and I'll try kicking with it off the side stand, with bike straight up.

I only mentionthis because i have seen the older XR 600's flood themselves to death when being kicked on the stand, but have never heard of a WR doing it..

Anyone have any idea's?????

Check the tank vent and all fuel lines going to carb, then I would check float bowl height. Good luck.

Well I can only figure the float must have been hung up or something....last night we took the bowl plug out, drained it. used a small screw driver up through the hole to move the float....seemed good.....put it back together.

Went out this morning, and my buddy, who has been wrenching on, (and kicking ) big 4-strokes forever got it going pretty easy.

We first tried with no throttle twist, and no choke (due to it previously flooding bad), no go. Choke, 2 SLOW twists of throttle, he had it on the second kick...WhoHoo!

Once running....My wife could start it.....half kick on TDC and it's going.

We did the 30 min break in run (about 20 km's), dialed in the fuel screw, etc, and back to the shop, pulled the valve cover and everything is perfect.

played with the cold starting some more, working out the "procedure", and my friend can get it going in 2-3 kicks tops from stone cold.

I on the other hand, have a bit more trouble, but I CAN getting going....I'm just going to have to play around a bit, and figure out the PERFECT procedure for me, and learn how to kick like a man

Now, for the results of the top end work!

Better then I ever expected!

I thought I might lose some bottem end with the HotCam's, but, I swear, I think it has MORE bottom end now, and the mid range is just crazy.

Idles perfect, no bog or stutter anywhere, pulls like crazy, and will wheelie in forth with just a twist. I find the big power is exactly where I want it, just off bottom, and the thing is now so fun to ride it just makes me giggle when coming out of the turns in 2nd and 3rd and getting onto it.

So, just have to learn how to kick the thing, (at least I know it's me, and not the bike...) and all will be good.....priced a starter....$340ish Canadian at the dealer here...:p

Carb float!!

I had a similar problem that went on for 1 1/2 year. I would not be able to start the bike, remove the plug to find it wet and fouled. Put in new dry plug and the bike would start and run all weekend. Next time I would start all over.

Last year mid summer I had enough money spent on plugs and decided to got through the whole thing plus put in an '04 yz cam. During all of this (after proper cam shimming and electrical system check) I discovered that the float was set wrong. If your not carefull the needle will get caugh up and appear to be on the seat, but it isn't, so I'm sure that I did the improper setting.

Since I bought the bike used and it was always hard to start I didn't realize it at first. With the float adjusted properly it starts like a dream and I haven't put a plug in since last fall.

It's better now, and I'm finding the trick is to crank up the idle screw a turn or two to get it running.

It's still in the 40 degree F range here, so I'm not too worried about that just yet, and I'll wait till things warm up to see what it's like. If I'm still having some issues in another month or so, I'll start digging a bit deeper

if i give my wr any throttle at all before starting, i foul the plug. I turn fuel on. pull out choke, TDC decompress and kick. anything above 10 degrees celcius and it starts first kick. All my friends, even experienced riders have a hard time starting it. It's a spiritual thing i think.:banghead:

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