Riding in S. Texas

Looking for places to ride in south Texas - the McAllen/Mission area. Trails/OHV areas, MX tracks. Any organized rides/races?

Considering relocation for a job.

I'd also like to know the situation as far as shops and dealers in that area. Thanks!

You might want to post this message in the red, green, yellow and orange sections of this forum. Not very many WR riders from Texas participate on TT from that I've seen. I am told that there are a lot of Texas riders on TT in other colors and am sure someone could give you a good answer. :)

Not real sure about that far south, but there is a Hair Scamble Series that centers pretty much around Central Texas. Mostly between Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Also a world class MX track just south of Sna Antonio in Floresville. Try www.texasoffroad.net Good Luck.

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