CR routed brakeline Question

I have the CR routed brakeline setup on my bike and was happy to be able to remove the stupid plastic guard where the original line was routed.

There has been something that has been bugging me since I did it - the castings on the fork leg that guided the original line. I want to grind them off. I think I will do so this week...

Anyone else gone as far as doing the grind? I really don't see myself putting the stock line back on...



Do you still have your headlight on?

I wanted to go CR route, but I thought there was an issue w/ the headlight (and overall length of the YZF - CR routed- replacement brake line...???).

At this point, I am so tired of this loop-de-loop, air pocketed, goofy routing path, I am considering tossing my steel WR line and replacing w/ a CRF routed line.

Can't answer the "grind or no grind" question, David, but I am curious as to how much, if any, difference the new style line has made in the feel and effectiveness of the brake?


I still have the headlight (I ride the bike on the road as well...) The line I have is a good length, so I don't have any problems with that aspect of it - I suppose it depends on the manufacturer... mine was a Goodridge one... overall length is 1380mm (54" (4' 6") long...)


The line is a much nicer feel, I think mostly because it is a braided stainless and Kevlar construction, so it can't really expand and all the pressure ends up going to the caliper... The shorter routing does help in the feel a bit, but the routing has two other main benefits,,, less to get snagged up; and easier to bleed, either up or down...



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