metal oil filter

I just purchased a '05 YZ450(sold 05 WR450) and the owner tells me it has a metal oil filter that can be cleaned.I did searches and few guys use the metal one.My WR used paper/genuine filter and I stuck to that, also didn't do one valve adjustment in 3 years.I did find in the searches I did a few "for" and a few "against".Anyone use it for a few years with no reliability issues?

The oil filters work great.

Thanks for the replies guys. Gee grayracer, very informative info on filters.

I am an auto mechanic and was hoping for a technical answer and you have made my wish come true! Thanks.I will use the metal one with confidence(just still need to check if not the bronze one you spoke of).

I personally can vouch for the Scotts filter. On my previous bike, I chewed up 3rd and 4th gear ice racing. Massive amounts of metal came off the gears and the Scotts filter stopped everything that could cause damage. When I took it apart, the filter was about 1/2 plugged but the rest of the motor was fine. Best $70.00 I've spent in a long time (well, that and my Maxbrake proportional brake controller on my truck, but thats a different story).

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