Removing graphics

I want to peel off my graphics but my yzf426 has a black tank and black radiator shrouds. Anyway I can peel off these graphics and using some product to take off the glue and stuff? I tried goof off on my airbox adhesive, not good results! :banghead:

If not ill just peel em off and later on buy some of the same ones, they are nice and newer but the guy was drunk when he put them on? :)

I watched my buddy peel his old graphics off, scrub down the plastic with gas, then washed them with soap and water, dried them. Then he cleaned it with rubbing alcohol, let them dry, and stuck the new ones on. Still looks good and that was about a year ago.

two words-Carb Cleaner--stuff is awesome for stripping off that nast glue spray it on a cotton rag then just rub away!

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