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2006 WR450F exhaust wishes

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Ok, dont beat me up too bad, but here is the deal, and i apologize for rambling...my bad habits:

2006 WR450F, mainly stock, cept for ordinary stuff (gytr mods, remove ais)

Jetting is fine, set up for montana area etc. I trailride and race as much as i can afford. Cannot afford another bike right now, and my WR, while heavy, wins a lot of Ironman, and A class races for me...I am not complaining. If I were stronger and not such a wimp, this has to be one of THE perfect bikes.

I have messed some with MX, but suck at it. I notice, when i race full blown mx 450s on a track, if the track is nasty rough etc I can place decent in the A class, however under perfect traction/setup conditions...I get outpulled pretty bad. I race several events however (Idaho ISDE) that i have to pass sound. My goal is to have a silencer SA that gives good flow, passes 96db easily, and is light. I know, Q4. I am having a hard time spending that $$ tho. I tried a stock 04 YZ450 pipe in two GPs last year and ...in a word...WOW. really opened up the bike. I think i even felt the weight difference on the back.

I am currently running stock silencer, with tip removed and a homemade tip intstalled that is about same dia. as opening in cap of exhaust. It has passed sound at around 95-96, but last year i was borderline in Idaho...yikes (repack time). So...what do you think..what about the older full Ti Q? I have found a few of those new leftovers that are cheaper than the Q4...but i wonder about sound test on that older FMF? Any thoughts are appreciated. I found a new takeoff 04 YZ pipe for $100, was thinking of using that in the closed course, and get my stock one repacked up for trails and qualifiers...but would like to have one for everything...am i asking too much?

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