06 or 08 WR???

I think the ol' 03 is due to be replaced. Dealer has a 06 for $5800 or an 08 for $6200. Were there major changes between the two if not I'm thinking the 06.


While not a direct 08 vs 06 answer, the changs from 06 to 07 were as follows according to motorcycle-usa.com


New engine and balancer

New integrated oil tank location

New camshafts

New exhaust system

New aluminum frame

New body styling

New LED taillight

New quick-access airbox

New wave-style disc brake rotors

New ProTaper handlebars

New wider footpegs

New full-coverage skid plate

New radiator with bracing

New radiator louvers

New forged top triple and handlebar clamps

New seat cushion design

Sealed O-ring chain

And from 07 to 08 was relatively minor (someone please correct me if I'm wrong): a different clutch cage and fuel tank.

for $400 you have to go with the o8 if nothing else but resale value.

Go with the 08 just for the frame.......

Especially for only a few hundred bucks.:p

BTW, good price on the 08. I just paid 6600 for a 09 WR450F.

The dealer can do better than that on the 06. There was a dealer in Wis. selling leftover 06's not that long ago for $3,900...................

If he won't drop his price on the 06 get the 08 for re-sale alone.

Yamaha has a $500 rebate on the 06's right now. I have been seeing them here in the northwest for $5300. 08's are $6300. I bought one of the 06's a couple weeks ago. Now if the dang snow would just melt. the 6 inches we got yesterday just sucks. Good luck.

I can't believe there are still '06s around.

Sure, I still ride one. Runs great! heheh..

$5800 for an 06 is daylight robbery!:) The 08 is more in line with it's price. Definitely get the 08, no question about it.

Still riding a '06... and runs great!! Take the '08... they're robbing you with the 06...

good luck

08 all the way if it's only 4 bills more.

I owned a 2006 and currently own a 2008. Not even a question to ask --- 2008 without a doubt.

Sure, I still ride one. Runs great! heheh..

What I should have said was "I can't believe there are new left over '06 models for sale around"

Shoot I believe that in 2020 the majority of '06 models will be running around strong as ever:thumbsup:

For some reason I was thinking the 06 had alum frame and all the goodies. Yep for an extra $400 the 08 seems like the smart choice. Thanks to all for the help.

What kind of dealer keep new bikes for 3 years:bonk: Seem to me they would have to be selling them very cheep when compared to the new bikes design of 07. A friend was looking for 08 left overs and they were hard to find around here.

Go for the 08. I love my 06, but for the $400 bucks, I'd do it.

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