WR450 Alloy Hot start lever probs

ok ppl, need some help again please. Let me know if pics will help what im trying to describe..

Ok i put an alloy hot start lever on my ''07'' wr, which now makes it underneath the handlebars not on top, considering it goes on the same bracket as my mirror , i now have the problem of when i use the lever it hits my (headlight, blinker and horn) control panel, in which case i have to push as hard as i can to the left into the hand grip. i cant move the bracket of the hot start lever anymore away from the hand grip as it wil move my clutch to far into the middle of the bike away from the grip and very hard to use.

Let me know if you needs pics to illustrate, am just wondering, are there any after market control panels for the horn, blinker and headlight.


Sounds to me like it just isnt going to work with your

obvious Dual Sport set up. Just go back to the stock

hot start lever.

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