shift shaft seal

I was wondering if there is anything i should know before i change out the seal. Is it as simple as removing the shift shaft (yes a new one of those too) and pulling out the seal? I dont need to full on split cases or anything?

The seal is easy. You don't need the cases split for the shaft, but it does require the removal of the right crankcase cover, which means you'll be draining the coolant, and the removal of the clutch. You'll also need to drain the oil.

After that, the only trouble would be if the shaft is so badly bent that it won't slide out. In extreme cases, it can become necessary to cut off one end or the other in order to extract it, but this is normally not required.

ya ive pulled the right side off before to inspect the shifter and ratchet mechanism, easy peasy. just wanted to make sure thats all before i tore into it and found i needed to take apart something else. thanks

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