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newbie: Trail tool/spares advice please

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I am a recent first-time WR owner :) and relatively new to off-road motorbiking - I would like to know from people with a bit of experience the kinds of tools and spares I should have with me in the following circumstances:

a) when actually out riding trails.

:D when going away for a weekend riding trip (with truck).

What kind of things may save me a long walk in the future?

Any help or links to information appreciated.

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I carry plugs, and all the tools to change it, a little duct tape, and some thing to fix flats. If you carry fix a flat or tubes and tools to do the changes on the trail. Some folks carry the co2 cartridges with the tubes.

You can get into carrying survival gear also, but, this is a personal preference thing. It also depends on wether or not you ride alone. If you do you have to be prepared for a lot more circumstances.


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A spare spark plug is mandatory on a WR, once they foul your done. Bring all the tools needed to change the plug.

My fanny pack has:

99cent rain poncho

space blanket


small candle

camelback bite valve

cell phone

first aid kit with serious pain killers, bandages..etc.

toilet paper

misc tools - small scotts ratchet and sockets


buddy tow strap

power bars and candy

I run IRC V33 tires, which I've ridden flat for over 40 miles back to the truck. Dunlop 756 don't hold up as well, 10 miles of riding it flat and the tire was coming apart.

In the truck I keep spare tubes, tire irons, spare levers, JB weld, slime , tire pump, second set of riding gear for day two if it rains on day one.

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