Should i update

Well ive been thinkn bout getting rid of my 03 model 450 and getting an 08 or 07.I havent ridden 1 as of yet but i just took mine out 4 a ride as i havnt ridden it for about a month but i have to say its an animal.It still suprises me everytime i ride it.Whats every ones opinion keep the old animal or trade her in 4 a newer beast.

well if it suprised me by breaking down all the time; i would get a newer one but if it was supriseing me at how well she runs and how much i enjoy her i'd keep her and hold her and love her and ride the heck out of her!! lol lol

I would get a new one. The difference between my 06 and 08 yz450 is definetly noticeable. Better suspension better power better turning. Plus the new one doesnt leak or have any stripped bolts. isnt the 03 a four speed too? I vote for update.

yEP shes a 4 speed.Doesnt leak anything no stripped bolts and has never broken down.The thing just cracks everytime i ride it

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