2008 yz450 puking oil

anyone run into this, i have a 08 450 pressurewashed it after riding indoors (i live in michigan so yeah its cold) got home and started it up and it instantly was puking oil out of the counter sprocket shaft seal, i was thinking maybe some water got into the seal and froze so i warmed up the garage to about 60 for a couple of hours and started it up again..... same thing. Anyways i got a new seal coming we'll see if that's it, any of you guys ever have this happen? i have never had one of these seals go out in my 20 years of riding

Yes, and the last time I saw it happen it was because the sprocket was loose.

you are 100% right sir, when taking off the sprocket i noticed that the retaining washer had spun and was loose enough to not be on the spindle, tightening it probably would have fixed the problem but i already had gotten the seal so i replaced that and tightened it, quick fix thanks

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