I'm throwing away my Acerbis Tank

Unless somebody wants to save it.

Twenty bucks to cover shipping.

Warning! It is very ugly!

Ugly White (yellowish/brown] Acerbis

I also have a tall Moose (SDG) seat. It has a small tear where it hits the airbox:

Small Tear in Foreground

Top View

Thirty bucks for the seat. Forty if you want both. I'll pay shipping to lower 48.

I'm also posting this in the Parts For Sale forum. So if you have a WR 400/426 and care more about ergos than looks but don't want to sacrifice fuel range today is your lucky day! :)

DUDE! Ill take it!!! (both)


Ugly, you are very kind. I don't think that thing is a gas tank.

Hick thats interesting.......my SDG seat split in the same location. :) I patched it up with Shoo Goo.

Dayum Moo, that was quick! You have a PM.


yeah, I tried putting rubber strips on the subframe right next to the airbox to keep the crease of the seat up off the airbox, that helped some. I think this happens w/ the oversize tanks because they lift the front of the seat up, so everytime you sit down the crease rubs the airbox. The SDG seat held up better than the my N-Style seat cover, so I don't think it is a problem with the seat necessarily.


I'd rather ride it than look at it. :)

Hick you are probably right......but I have been running the YZ tank on my WR. I concluded that my 200+ pounds put to much flex on the old SDG seat base. :)

Won't be an issue now with the 450. Now I need to gather up all the old seat and tanks from the old bikes and liquidate. :D

Warning! It is very ugly!

Hick, Man-o-man!!! That's one ugly tank.......

Darin, I suggest you put a fresh coat of paint (yellow) on that bad boy....... :):D :D

Well I warned you!

It is well used. I'm hard on my equipment, and so is the mesquite. :)

But I don't think I'll be buying anymore white tanks if I can help it.

Here's a shot of it when it was new, all shiny and purdy (and unused):

New Scooter

That was summer before last up at Rampart.

Im not worried about how it looks, besides I got the trick to shine it back to white. :)

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