stering stem bolt

i am replacing the top triple clamp but i need a socket for the stering stem bolt. what size should i buy. thanks. later :)

A 1 1/4" socket did the trick for me. :)

thanks i give it a rip unless some knows the metric size.

Know what'cha mean! I tried to find a metric that size but my Local Pep Boys didn't have metric sockets that went that big. Any port in storm...know what I mean, Vern? :)

If a 1.25" socket fits, it will be either 31 or 32 mm. I would guess 32, since 1.25" converts to 31.75mm. I used ConvertIt btw. This page is pretty cool since it does all kinds of weights, measures, currency, temperature, etc. Enjoy.

I am 99% sure it is 30mm. Use a 6-point socket if possible, or it can damage the nut with that much torque (80-90 ft.-lb.s, anyone?).

98 Newton-Meters or 72 ft-lbs. You can buy metric sockets that size at Wal-Mart. Stanley brand, they make Mac tools as well.


It is a 1 3/16" Socket!!! Not 1 1/4"!!! Sorry for any confusion or rounded steering stem nuts!! When I went to PEP Boy's I got a few different sizes just to make sure. The 1 3/16 is what I have been using. DOH!! I am so embarassed, but I'll suck it up to make sure none of my Thumper Buds have any problems. :)

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