head gasket ?

Hey guys, just looking for a wee bit of advice on my '00 WR4. I melted a piston in it about 6 months ago and since then have rebuilt it properly (rebored to 426cc, piston, rings, gaskets, cam chain, etc..) and I've put maybe 300kms on it since then.. All was going beautifully until yesterday when i rode down to the local MX track and was talking to some mates when one of them asked &%$#@! the green stuff was that was leaking from my head gasket area.. great. Anyways, I had to limp home on the bike and it ran perfectly - ie: felt as strong as ever.. and didn't leak at all on constant throttle, only when i blip it.

It isn't exactly spurting out or anything like that - just a very slow almost bubble when you blip - and only from the right side of the cylinder.. obviously this isn't a good thing, but could it be a simple job of just re-torquing the head ? or am I fubared (again) ? Cheers for the help :D

I'm thinking of selling it and going to a newer YZ250 two smoke after I get it sorted.. i'm sick of these bloody 4 stroke probs.. :)

If you just want to sell it i would try a retorque first, they are a steel gasket but they have a black coating on them if the coating is damaged it may not reseal.

I spoke to a mate and he suggested that it could have warped the head when i melted the piston.. but i've got a good 3 or 400 kms out of it since the rebuild with no signs of this crap ? I would of thought it would of made its move before then.. any ideas ? Oh yeah, coincidentally it fouled a plug the morning before it happened..

Oh, and would I of done any damage riding it home ? It seemed pretty warm between my legs, but you know how things can be when you're feeling paranoid..

cheers :)

I know you really do not want to here this but the only safe route to go is to tear it down and put the head on a surfacing plate and you will see how warped it really is..After a head has been touqed? down for all practical purposes the head gasget is wasted.If you do stop the tiny leak by tightening the head bolts more it is only a temp band-aid. good luck

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