Cam Chain Tensioner

I discovered my cam chain tensioner was buggered up inside, and not working. Luckily the chain did not jump but it was making a bunch of noise. The shop is not open and I have a race this weekend. So what I did is I took the spring inside the tensioner and stretched it out to about 6 inches. I cut the bent ends of it and put it back together. I adjusted out manually with a screw driver. Anyone one have any thoughts on if this will hold that way. Normally the spring acts like a watch spring and twists the adjuster around as needed. Now the spring is pushing out. ???

I wouldn't chance it. If it doesn't work and jumps time, it could cost you a lot of money to fix.

i would change your tensioner and your cam chain before your bike looses it and you doo 800 in damage to your top end.

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