Wr dad with sons YZ issues (OK'd by WR Mod)

Are you just going to ignore the advice regarding the gas tank ventilation, or have you checked that and I missed it?

i did check that, it was one of the numerous 'silly' things to check. Its amazing how many little things can cause this same problem.

the bike seems to be running fine, hasnt done it again, but i still think it could be the coil, now that i have the ttr 230 one in it.

I have a new one coming and i think that the 230 one is even possibly not up to the task.

one thing is that the plug cap on it ( the one on it when we got it) is a fairly big blue NGK one that appears to have something in the top of it like maybe a resistor or something, but it leads me to think that this may be an area that requires further attention...

thanks again everyone for your help

have just spent last day and a half doing similar work on a bloody ride on mower...

next thread.."WR dad with Briggs and stratton issues"....:busted:

Well how does it end? Is it fixed?

the new coils and plug cap arrive on Tuesday...

its running way better and with the wifes ttr 230 coil in it, it doesnt do it 'as much' but im really hoping the new coil will do the trick

i'll keep you posted

what finally fixed your problem my sons yz is doing the same thing

I would take one more look at fuel delivery. Sounds like the float bowl is running dry after a while at WOT. If the vent is OK, check the pepcock and be sure fuel is free flowing when open.

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