How Does your Yamaha Compare to a Husqvarna?

Hey guys,

Like the title says, I'm looking for opinions about, comparisons between or interesting insights into the two brands (relative to each other).

I currently own one of each and would be very interested in the impressions of other Yamaha owners / riders who have experience with the Husqvarna brand.

what year husky? What year YZF?

yes in the 70s and 80s they were comparable....and valuable today as collector bikes

if it is a pre 02 Husky it does not compare unless you are comparing it to a YZ400 and then there may be some that argue the YZF is better - although nice and Euro cool, the suspension held it back as well as many other weird things about the bike.

The new 07 and up Huskys are a different breed, but they still are IMHO not as refined a racing machine as a 06 YZF and up.

Again very cool and very EURO....suspension was not up to KYB

The part I think that hurts Husky more than anything is the support that the buyer gets here in the US. Parts and know how (for when it needs maint) are lacking, as well as Dealer support in General.

My bro has an 08 Husky 450 SMR and it is pretty sick but I will like my 06 YZ 450. IT seems the husky didn't have the bottom end pull like my YZ but it might be the 17" Motard wheels, fuel injection mapping or the gearing (I believe the Husky has more power all around than the YZ) . Don't get my wrong the husky gets to 80mph in less than a blink of an eye but I don't like the pipe on the left side (burned the crap out of my leg trying to get it low the first time I rode it) and not a huge fuel injection fan as of right now.

For MX riding I would say the YZ for the suspension and overall great bike at a great price. Plus as mentioned parts support is killer with the YZ.

But the husky for a Motard is hands down better IMO. I got to hang with a guy who rides Supermoto for husky and he swears by them.

I've got a 06 Husky 250 2-stroke and an 06 YZ450. I ride recreationally on trails and an MX practice track. Personally, I think the Yamaha is light years ahead, but I ride with a lot of Husky die-hards who absolutely love the things - and I just can't figure out why. I certainly don't share their enthusiasm, and was just wondering if anyone else had similar experiences. For example, I have spent almost a thousand bucks trying to get the Husky suspension to work right. In comparison, I haven't even touched a clicker on my YZ and think its great.

The Kayaba suspension is much nicer than the suspension that Husky is running IMO

my old husqy (96wr360) was amazing for off road riding, not motocross or any big jumps.

just crusing around the dunes and such.

that engine will kick my 06 yz450 ass any day of the week.

i had some showa on it and they where amazing.

that 96 husqy will alwayes be my fav bike !!!!!!!

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