'06 CRF450 high idle when hot

This is weird. For the last couple of months my bike starts to idle really high after about 5 laps (MX) when it gets hot. It also feels like it starts to lose some snap and overall power. Some time ago, I had Tokyo Mods totally redo the carb, top end and valves and the bike was a rocket. This is a relatively new problem. I take meticulous care of it. Clean the air filter every ride, change both oils every other and change the oil filter every 4th ride. Been playing around with the fuel screw but it hasn't really helped. Any ideas? Thank you.

If the weather has changed recently, you may require re-jeting. You should be able to turn down you idle from your idle screw located on the rider's left of the carb. If not try a different pilot jet maybe.

I had a YZ450 that acted like this and I never figured it out. Once the bike got warm, I just turned the idle down and it was fine. It fixed itself so I suspected some gunk in my carb or something else transient.

My 06' does it too. I usually have to turn the idle screw down 2-3 times while riding. I havent noticed any power loss though...

Something is either going leaner when the bike gets hot. Or it's too lean from the get go and you don't notice it until it gets hot. Try a richer pilot jet. how far out is your fuel screw? if it is more then 2 fulls turns then you could stand to richen the pilot.

And try replacing your coolant with some good stuff. Water wetter etc.

my buddys 03 is doing this i dont get it...

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