FMF Q Pipe For WR450 ??

To any WR450's out there so far --

Do you think that an FMF Q Pipe from a YZ450 would bolt right on a WR450 ?? I'm expecting a WR within the next few weeks and was thinking about going ahead and getting the silencer in advance, but only if it looks like it would be a crossover bolt-on to the WR.

Any comments anyone ????

Lets continue the shout-outs as the WR's start arriving across the country!!! It gives those of us still waiting some glimmer of hope

Rainman WFO :)

03 WR450 waiting to be MINE !!!

92 CR250 getting nervous about retirement !

you will more than likely need the other bolt and grommet kit (For YZ)for the rear bracket to bolt to your WR.It looks like it would fit other than that. I am going off what a manufacturer told me.

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