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Just baught a YZ450, may be a dumb question but when checking oil there is just a cap with no dip stick ,how can I tell if it is the right level of oil .Every other bike I owned had a dip stick.

There is a dipstick. First, you have to understand that your YZ is a Dry Sump oiling system. The oil is kept in a tank or reservoir separate from the engine itself (even if it's actually in the crankcase assembly), pumped to the engine, and then returned to the tank. The dipstick is located in the tank. Read:


You didn't say what year your 450 is, and the oiling system could be configured either of two ways. In the steel frame, '03-'05 models, the dip stick is on the left side of the frame, behind the steering head. On '06 and later bikes it's on the crankcase, in front of the cylinder on the left side.

You must run the engine for at least a minute just prior to checking the level, especially with a steel frame, to be certain that all of the oil that is supposed to be in the tank is moved back there. Then wait 30 seconds and check it.

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