2008 yz450f Flywheel

Does anyone have suggestions for a weighted flywheel source or modifications. And if you have tried doing this did it help on an '08 for trail riding and less stalling? If you have a part that you don't need but have tried and are willing to sell let me know also!!!


Ditto on the 50-50...I have one on my 06 and tamed it way down. Rides like the WR now, less stalling and more traction:applause:

The GYT-R 'wheel comes in two weights; the above mentioned ...50-50, which is 9.2 ounces over stock, and the lighter GYT-2S297-50-00, which adds 4.8. IMO, don't bother with the lighter one. I first went that route with an '03 that I had, and it could barely be noticed. I put the GYT-2S297-50-50 on my '06, and have found it to smooth out the power flow at low RPM very nicely. In spite of what you might believe, it did NOT make the bike noticeably slower in any way, just improved traction and tractability. IMO, it should have come with it.

I've got the larger one, on my 06. It's much more predictable now, especially coming out of slippery corners, and also doesn't stall as easily. Or maybe my hamfoot is getting more used to the rear brake.

Thanks for the input - I will be ordering the same one next week.


The GYT flywheels come from Steahly. You'll probably get it faster from Steahly than Yamaha.

The TT OEM store has that flywheel for $89, just type the part # in the search. Mike

I put the 9 or 10oz (can't remember exactly) Steahly on my '07, and now its on my '08.

Makes a big difference. Hooks up better, doesn't stall as easy. Doesn't kill the power or slow the bike down at all.

I have the 50-50 on my 06 as well and money well spent!

The GYT flywheels come from Steahly. You'll probably get it faster from Steahly than Yamaha.

I got mine from Yamaha in 3 days. Are you sure that Yamaha GYTR sells Stealhy? It didn't say anything on the flywheel or the packaging that it was Stealhy.

It is possible. Most of the GYT-R line is purchased from aftermarket vendors. Even so, they are often less expensive that the same part purchased from those who made them. And example of that is the clutch hardware, which is Hinson, yet costs less than Hinson when sold under the GYT-R label.

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