Quick Turn Throttle Tube

My buddy has a quick turn throttle tube on is 03 yz450. I have a 98 WR400, I was wondering what my bike would be like with one of these on it. Anyone have one and how do you like it?

I run a G2 Quick Turn on my 04 WR450. I smashed my stocker in and figured I'd upgrade. Taking out on three rides now and I dig it, action is a lot smoother, turn is shorter, snap back is faster.

how is it in tighter more tech trails?

ok thanks for the link

If you don't like the cam profile you have, the guy at G2 said if you mail the cam back to him(in a envelope, wrapped in a paper towel with three stamps for postage) he will send you another one at no cost. Good deal.

dude I wouldn't run one if i were you I hear you have a hard enough time keeping your bike off the rocks

thanks there buddy

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