timing specs YFZ450 cam in wr400

After doing some research i understand the Yfz 450 cam is very similar to the wr450 cam But after my purchase i see that the timing gear is just a little different than the wr 450 cam or yz cam. Hot cams uses the exact same part number for the exhaust cam on the wr 450 and the yfz 450. So i need the valve timing specs for the wr exhaust open and close so i can degree this cam in or i need some info on the number of pins between marks with this cam. And yes i dont want the yz cam beacause around here there is mostly alot of single track and sand so horsepower will only result in wheel spin i know this from experience trust me. There is one tooth diff in the yz and yfz cans between teeth so i dont believe the standard 14 pins between teeth will work here. Any info will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!

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