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YZ Conversion/Tard project update 2

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Or, "Blood, Sweat, and Tears".

This pic says a bunch:


The front's a 120/70 Supercorsa Pro (race takeoff). The back's a 160/60 Michelin Pilot Power, and yes, that's a 5" rim offset slightly. I had to (cough) buy (I hate that word) a rear tire, since I couldn't find a 160 takeoff at the last two races I went to (that ZX in the background of the picture below takes a 190/55 rear).

The sweat was hand-mounting tires (yech... the front was a lesson in remembering how, the back was a lot quicker...). The blood was nicking myself when I cut down the spoke tips in the nipples with a air-powered cutoff wheel. The tears were truing that wheel a few weeks ago.

I'd build wheels again, but not soon.

Here's the beast with the dirt wheels on. I've nearly got the jetting dialed - the JD Jetting fuel screw seems to be working fine, now it's needle height I'm working on.


With a little luck, I'm going to ride it to the OHV area down the road Saturday, and when I get back, put on the 'tard wheels.

Oh, other things I've done - replaced all the silly-con hoses for fuel and vents, and replaced the (leaking) YZ petcock with a new WR one (with a reserve, yeah!), and the 0-ring-on-the-accel-pump-screw/tang mod.

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