At Last I Have Her!!

Finaly im a proper member of the wr forum! I've been trying to get some money together since january (still in school) and yesterday i finally got my wr450. Its a dream come true and the bike is a blast, the most fun i've had in ages! The only reason im here right now instead of out riding is because im out of petrol :thumbsup: I just wanted to say thanks to all you guys who kept me going and saving for the bike over the last 6 months with all the great threads, posts and stories on the forum. Here's a link to the bike, let me know what you think ( It may just look like a standard wr with a pair of 17's but i think im in love. Anyway im off to top up the tank...thanks again guys :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Wow, looks great, I would love to have that thing. Have fun

Congrats on the new bike...ENJOY! :thumbsup:

Nice bike :thumbsup:


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