My First Enduro - race results in

Hi everyone,

I entered my first enduro this past Sunday put on by CERA at Foresthill OHV. The event was a Family event but my first enduro nonetheless. Let me start by saying the event was very well organized (as if I know what an unorganized event is) and the course was approx 52miles. Very well laid out course. A mixture of double and single track. I enjoyed myself so much. I was a bit late to the start race (approx 1-2 min) and was waved right through the start. I

blasted my way through the trail, passing people when I could. This alone made me feel I was in a race not an enduro. God it was soooo much fun.

I ended up catching my group and subsequently passing my group. Ended up 11 minutes early on my first check. (even after having a wreck and stalling) Next check was much better as I cruised and took a break. By this time I was starting to get the time keeping aspect. (still not totally confident in timekeeping) I, essentially went into the race blind. Just doing it for fun and the thrill of the race.

Ya see, I have always dreamed about being in a race since a young boy. My dream was/is to be a motocross racer. I had to put all my dreams on hold as I had to raise a family. Twenty years later, finally able to fullfil my dream - sort of. If ever given the chance I recommend trying an enduro. They are fun. I admired all the kids and women that entered the enduro. Some of them I had the pleasure of following seeing how they attacked the terrain. Some of the youngsters are going to be great riders. I wish I had a KTM SR. 50 when I was a kid. I would be so fast now !

Anyways, I had a great time. The results were just posted -

I entered the 4 Stroke C class along with 28 others. I placed 7th Wooo hoooo ! I did better than I expected. Just think how good I could have done if I knew what the heck I was doing. Well ok maybe thats why I did do so well.

Thanks for listening


I placed 9th not bad.To bad they didn't use the last checkpoint(the only one i was on time for).It was real fun fryboy and we'll have to do another.


Check out when they are done doing site maintenance or you can search enduro techniques on the web. You will find some very good articles on how to ride your first enduro and other more advanced articles. Good luck!

Great! Good job Fryboy! See going fast IS fun ISN'T it? :)

Congrats Fryboy. Looked like you were enjoying yourself. I took 1st C Vet (5.0something pts) but I still got beat by 10 YO kids. I was the guy on the dual sported WR400 on row 13 - we met at the sign-in trailer.

CERA did a great job with the organization and the course.



I remember meeting you. It was great to meet another thumpertalker. Hopefully we will meet again. Looks like we are thinking of doing the Enduro at Cleer Creek Feb 16. Perhaps I will see you there? Anyway, congrats on your finish. I should have stuck by you ! LOL Take care and happy trails. If you wanna hook up and ride any other time let me know.


congrats to fryboy and Blue one

Hey I got my dist 36 license, and number 393n

I ready to run some hare scrambles enduro and dirt track


dont tell me wife


I also met you at the gas stop with FRYBOY.I was riding the 450 nice to meet cha.I got beat by alot of kids and even passed by one :).I am hoping to enter the Clear Creek Enduro with a computer that actually works.I have dreams of making it on time to some checkpoints. :D

Blue One - I remember meeting you. Glad to hear you had a good ride.

You guys are serious about running the Feb enduro? That's the Quicksilver National. I think I'll pass on that one and do the Wild Boar in March.



What is wrong with it being a national event? Is it going to be a killer? Talk to me


yep with that comment you got this rookie alittle worried

:crazy:Let the uninformed know if there is a reason to skip this one.


I spoke with Dan - DP400 he says its the toughest mother FU#@$ this side of the Mississippi! Ummm YIKES !


Well I had 2 days of fun myself. I join CERA after the Fools Gold Enduro at Georgetown in May because they did a great job and I was looking to become a member of a club. This was my first event to work and my bike was down waiting on a part so they put me to work at the start window at sign in. That was cool meeting all my friends from past and present as they came through sign in. I remember when Vinny came through I recognized his name and said Hi. Boy did he get hammered on the TT board once with a post he made. After sign in on Sunday they put me to work at check 5. Since I had a lot of time before heading to check 5 I hung around the gas stop and chatted with friends. Was great seeing all my friends at check 5 as they came through. Got to score a lot of their cards. To all that I did not meet, I sure hope to. I'm not sure if I would of had more fun riding or not because I had a blast not riding.


Guys, first of all, congrats on finishing your first event. You may not know it yet, but

that's quite an accomplishment!

About the Quicksilver:

If the weather is bad, I've heard it's a bear. Like last year. Just looking at the pictures made me cringe.

If the weather is good, it's great. I rode it 4 years ago (chasing a Senior B National title) and had a blast!

The toughest thing for us was the drive from Colorado. I'd love to do it again, but dont' know when

I'll get enough vaca time.

As enduros go, just a couple of hints from a seasoned vet. I've raced over 120 enduros in the

last 15 or so years:

I doubt the "C" course would be siginificantly harder due to it being a National. The A/B course is a

different story.

If you do go, go to have fun. The Nationals pull guys out of the woodwork. You'll see guys in every

class from every part of the US.

If you have any questions about enduros or how to spend money doing it, feel free to PM

me, or post here.... :)


PS, welcome to the brotherhood.


If it's that bad we will feel all the better when we finish.I am still up for it it you are.I have got to start getting in better shape though for 80 miles.My pop says we won't be seeing people waiting around as much on a regular enduro.


What do you think some essentials are to carry?Also do you recomend any computer?I was looking at the ICO procomp autocal.

Thanks : :)

Toolbag contents vary bike to bike, but at a minimum:

8/10/12mm sockets

combo screwdriver with multiple bits

Allen heads needed for handguard adjustment/retighten

duct tape

safety wire


plug wrench

extra pair gloves

extra pair goggles

small piece of chamoix to clean goggles

assorted power bars and power gels

assorted zip ties

For the duct tape, I wrap two different widths around a 4" section of

dowel rod. Around the duct tape, I loosley wrap the safety wire

The final test is to perform routine maintenance on your bike by using only the tools in your fanny bag.

As far as computers... I recently switched from a Pacemaker to a ICO Procomp. Much to my

surprise, I love the Procomp. The ability to program in KC's and mark checks make the

possibles very easy to ride. I've only really used it for the last 3 races, but I can't

imagine going back to the Pacemaker. (Rex, if you read this, hold the "I told you so's" :) )



I saw comments in this thread about the Quicksilver National Enduro which is held in February at Clear Creek. I am part of the layout crew and we set up the enduro with three loops, the last loop being the really hard trails. C-riders only ride the first two loops of ~80 miles. These loops are challenging but we have long resets to allow riders to get back on time. Since over half of our entries each year are C-riders, we can't afford to lose revenue from the C-class.

On the other hand, since we are a national, we have to run the event if at all possible since riders travel from across the country to compete. Last year we were unlucky to have a storm hit early Sunday morning. The BLM let us run anyway and I don't believe that any C-riders were able to complete the entire 80 miles without houring out. I hope we have good weather this year.

If in doubt about the weather, you can post-enter up to the morning of the event. If you are going to try the Quicksilver or the Wild Boar, then I suggest that you venture down to Clear Creek to get a feel for the terrain.

Info about Clear Creek and the national Enduro can be found on the Salinas Ramblers web site:

PM if you have any questions.

Fryboy & Blue One,

Sorry for the delay in responding. Based on ET's reply I'm guessing most of the horror stories I've heard about the Quicksilver are due to the weather. We all know Feb in the Bay Area is a total crap shoot for riding..... No C riders finishing last year would attest to that.

How did you guys feel after the 50 miles at the TW? Were you sore at all the next day? Could you have gone another 50 miles w/o any problem? I rode the Sawmill last spring and got my ass handed to me - C class didn't ride the last 15 miles of trail on Pitney ridge. I hit the wall at ~50 miles and the last ~35 miles were survival mode. The trails at Middle Creek are not very difficult - I'm just not in that good of shape. Riding 85 miles trying to stay on time beat me. No offense to either of you but I'm guessing that I'm a little faster and in a little better shape than you and I'm nowhere near ready to ride the Quicksilver. If I get off my ass and ride alot & work out I may ride the Quicksilver just to say I did it - ok, that I tried at least :) I'm planning on riding the Wild Boar since it's a month later and I should be in better riding shape and the weather should be a little more cooperative.

I remember a Dirt Rider, I think it was DR, cover from probably 10 years ago showing Larry Roessler at the QS - he was climbing a snotty hill using the stuck bikes & riders for traction.....



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