GYTR plate holder

Has anyone got any pics of the GYTR number plate holder for the 07/08 WR450 fitted to the bike?

I'm looking at ordering one but want to check if the blinker holders on each side fit inside or outside the rear mudguard.

Do you have a link to it?

I've tried to get a link to it but it will only let me link to the Yamaha accessories page:

If you then choose Bolt on Accessories, then choose enduro, then choose WR450, it's the 6th page in. Sorry about all the directions. As I said it wouldn't let me link directly to the page where the plate holder is.

I went to that link and found some great side frame guards for the alumi frame07-08. Can't find those in the USA. Even from aftermarket as far as I could find. They look strong and are only $142.72 after conversion. Anybody know about ordering from Australia?


Yeah, that's it. Just want to see what they look like fitted to a bike.

I have that one too and it's built very well and fitts perfect. Anybody have any advice for ordering the frame guards 5TJ-W0740-00-00-00 from out of the USA? Seems they are not available here.:thumbsup:

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