Ice and Snow,, I rode today

I put in my ice screws this weekend, I did some riding today. it was 30 degrees with about 6 inches of snow on the ground, I headed over to a state area near me to try out the screws. I did about 38 miles on seasonal roads that only saw snowmobiles and cross country skiers and one nut on a motorcycle, the 600 R was a little squirrely, at speeds over 35 mph 50 mph was ok as long as you were on it, 60 felt like you were flying and better pay attention. I rode for about an hour and got pretty cold, I will dress a little warmere next time. If you haven't tried the tire screws you might want to look into them, it cost me about $35 for 500 half inch screws which did the back and front tires,, best $35 I spent in a while and what a way to develop your skills

Where's the pictures???

Have you ever tried the Trelleborg $200.00 per tire studs. They look sort of like the old metal golf spikes. There is a post from a guy in Sweden or Norway using them in snow and ice. We use them here for mud & roots. You can fly on a rail in the mud with them. Screws only last a ride or so in the back tire out here in the mud.

Glad to hear someone else is trying this as well. I just put mine in as did my buddy with a BRP. We are going to head out next weekend into the mountains and try our luck in the snow as well.

I also put in 1/2" Gold Screws, 200 front and 300 in the rear. How did your rear tire hold up? I put them in my used tire and was afraid to go any longer.

We also bought Moose grip heaters from Dennis Kirk along with the screws. They are on back order but only cost $28 for the pair. I guess they really help keep you hands warm.

The screws seem to hold up well, every thing I read told me to worry about flat tires from the screws, I lined the back tire with some rubber matt, I dont' think I need it, At first I put in about 250 in the back, I have almost new tires and the center lug is rather large, I put one screw in each knobie and staggered the ones in the center, after trying it around the house I added one more screw to each center knobie. It did seem to give it a little better bite. I road in the snow and in the woods were there was a combination of snow and mud, I was very impressed with what they would do, When I got back I looked them over for wear, there did not seem to be any real damage to the screws,none missing, I imagine that if I stayed on the ice they would last quite a while.. Let us know how you make out this weekend, and how your tires held up. BurnRider mentioned the the large ice screws, I am sure that if they were used on ice they would be great, but it would seem that they would be a little on the rough side as far as ride, I did not put any screws in the center of my front tire, I angled the ones on the side so that they would work when I cornered. I will see if I can post a picture so you can see what I mean.. Bob

Best of luck on the screws. After replacing screws every ride out here my friends all use a new combo of a Bridgestone front tire a a V-rubber tire in the rear with the short spikes. They run roughly $185.00 each wholesale. The guys claim them to be better than the now discontiued Trelleborgs through Parts Unlimited. There are two kinds of riders left here during the winter, those with the new studs and those waiting to buy some. I'm in line.

BurnRider you are probably correct about longevity of the screw life. This is new to me, I will have to wait until I am really addicted to ice and winter time riding before I can justify spending $400 on tires, I also have to find some others who are interested in riding with me, While it was a blast to do the 38 miles and real neat to be the only guy out there on a bike among the snowmobiles, it would have been a lot more fun with someone else to race with and rip up the roads.. Hopefully at $35 bucks it is low enough for some of the others to try.. My guess is even though you don't have your spikes yet, your tires are full of screws and your still riding..I hope with any luck that at the end of the season I to am waiting for spiked tires..Bob

Cost was the issue for me too until I know if I like riding in the snow. I'll report back after we ride.



Something you ice racers might like to consider is a cresent-shaped mousse insert. Would definitely negate the possibility of the screw poking through to the inner tube. I'm running one on my rear and am still testing it durability but it seems to be holding up well. It also went on pretty easy since I bought tire mounting lube. You guys might even be able to run lower tire pressure for better traction.

I got mine from Moose, but I think Dunlop also makes them and they include the mounting lube.

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