Removing a siezed pad pin from front caliper

The pad pin that secures the brake pad has seized in my caliper and the allen key slot is burred.

Does anyone have any bright ideas about how best to remove the seized pin ?

Your suggestions most appreciated.

You are able to remove the cap, right?

If the Allen head of the pin is loosing its' 'personality', first, (I assume the caliper is now off the bike, on the bench) I'd pour some PB Blaster penetrant in over the Allen head, let it soak in. lightly tap on the caliper from time to time over the next 24 hours. The following day locate a Torx bit that will barely fit in. Hammer it into the Allen bolt. Use a impact driver, break it loose. Reinstall with a new pin, anti-seizing the threads.

Thanks for the suggestion William. I hadn't thought of a torx bit. Will give it a try.

Other than that I was considering drilling it out and re-tapping the hole.

You can also remove the lower mounting bolt, swing the caliper up, spread the pads, and grab the pin with a pair of small vice grips to apply extra torque while using the above tricks.

Managed to remove it using a 'screw extractor' The extractor was a good fit into the allen key hole and popped it out just fine.

Thanks for your interest & suggestions.

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