Whats been your best mod for the money?

For the 08, definitely the pipe. Any pipe! I have a SS DRD and it's has completely changed the whole riding experience. I still can't believe Yamaha in good conscience could let that exhaust ( primarily the silencer) go out the door. A great front tire 773 (sand)

For the 06, a great front tire and raising the fork tubes (free!) to 10mm. and a little time setting up the suspension (free again).

No one ever said if they had tried the 745 Dunlop. Also one thing I forgot was the DR.D rad lowering kit, seemed to make an immediate improvement before I had tried a few tires on the front. I just heard we should have the 09's in by July so I am thinking this for an old Vet rider. DR.D rad lowering kit and head pipe with a stock 06 muffler, taller footpegs for my short legs, my little aluminum brake clevis for the rear brake{yes}, oversized front rotor and braided hose, fat boy springs and my Rekluse Pro clutch just for fun. Funny thing is I never change the seat and that seems to be all I use anymore.

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