wheel swap

i am going riding later today and went to get my rm ready to go, and i noticed my front tire is flat, i pumped it up and when i leave in 3 hours im going to see if it is holding, if so i am going to bring a pump with me to the track just in case... now my question is will a yz426 front rim/hub/rotor fit my rm? i can just ride the yz at the track, but id much rather ride my rm 250 this weekend i just want the two stroke hit this weekend...by the way its a 2005 rm 250

i am posting in a couple different sections, i need answers fast lol

Probably not, but why not give it a shot? Actually, why don't you just change the tube?

I know this is kinda late, but for next time, the front hub on the 2001 and earlier YZ's is the same as the 2001 and up RM's. Just use your YZ wheel spacers and it will bolt right on. WD

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