2002 Yzf426

I'm looking at buying a 02 YZF426. No previous experience with this class. Can anyone give me input about things to look out for with this bike in particular?

I am an experienced motorcycle/enduro rider so I know about sprockets,chain,fork seals, tire condition, brake pads, etc.

I'm looking for things to look out for in this Model bike in particular... example... hard to start... I've been told these bikes can be no fun at all to start hot or cold,,, can anyone speak up on this issue or any other issues?


For me, the 02 YZ426FP was one of the best bikes I ever purchased. Once you get the “starting drill” down it’s not that bad. I weigh 135 pounds in street clothes and could get it lit in 3-4 kicks cold and 1 when warm. Something to give serious consideration would be to replace the exhaust cam with a 2003 YZ450 exhaust cam. Just do a search in this forum and you will find more then you can read regarding the topic. This is an auto-decompression cam and you would be able to remove the compression release and forget about the “starting drill”. The bike and this mod have been proven to be bullet proof. :thumbsup:

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