650r vs 525 exc

Fellow Thumper brothers

I live in so-cal and Im trying to get some info before

I buy a new bike. Because i have to have a green sticker

Im left with a 650r or a ktm 525. Keep in mind I would

set up the 650r with pro tapers,narrower ims tank,mabye

a 19" inch rear wheel. Michael byrne won the Australian

thumper nationals on a that same set up. The other choice

is the ktm which comes set up already but at nearly twice

the price. I have seen used hondas already with the stuff

I mentioned for around 4500.00 and the ktm grenn sticker

model you cant find used resulting in spending around

7800.00 out the door. Is it worth the extra money??

If anyone ownes or riddin bikes set up this way please

help me with some insight. I ride about 80% offroad to

20% track. I rode a 650r for about 5 min once and it

didnt feel that heavy, am I wrong. What about the maintenance for the ktm? I dont mind spending the $$$ if

its worth it -- what do you think? Any info would be



I have ridden both bikes and in my opinion if you have the money the KTM is worth it. The BRP has more motor than the KTM, but the weight, suspension, quality components, and electric start are worth it if you are serious in the woods.

I love my big Honda but my needs are more high speed fire road and dual sport. One amazing fact about the BRP is how adaptable it can be, just be aware you need to be able to muscle the beast around.

Coming from an XR-600 to a KTM 525 the most noticeable thing is how much longer I can last on the KTM and keep my energy up. If I rode 70 miles on the Honda, I can ride 100 on the KTM and spend about the same amount of energy. For me it makes it much more fun as the bike is lighter, turns better and I like the light front end. It gets over things with much less effort. If you ride fire roads or dual sport the Honda may be the best bike out there as the KTM seat is a plank for dual sporting, for stand up desert, trail the KTM rules.

I just switched from a 650R to the 525 EXC in August. I like the KTM way better in every area except the flat out high speed whoops. I think it’s because the BRP was much heavier and soaked the whoops up better. I will never have a bike without the e-start button again. I think the only bike that could make me switch from a KTM would be if Honda came out with a CRF 450X with e-start. That would tempt me, but only after its time for a new bike anyway. I love my KTM.

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