ktmsx125 engine bolt torque specs

hey anyone have a factory service manuel for a 99-o6 sx125 . Would you be kind enough to share some torgue specs .If you can help me out , i would be most thankfull .

I have a 200 manual, I can give you torque for that and they are basically the same

Thanks mike that's awesome . What I need to know are the torgue values for the: clutch hub nut , cylinder bolts , head bolts , mag nut , crank main gear nut . if you could come up with those for me that would be awesome . I could barely afford the rebuild parts , much less the manual . Been laid off since january . Thank-you

Ive got the book out, NM or Lbs?

hey mike , thanks for getting back to me . foot pounds , inch pounds , it's all good . I can convert if I have to . thanks

clutchhub 74f, head and cyl 25f, flywheel 44f, primary gear LH thread 110f

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