happy belated...

Cheers to an awesome mod!

Agreed..... care to post up how many grayracer ??????

if you were closer, i would have bought you a pacifico and a green chile cheeseburger. Maybe someday

Off Topic :rolleyes:

But thanks! :thumbsup:

You can owe me the Pacifico (my favorite, BTW)

How many? Well, I'm in the Super Senior class in D38, and next year I will reach a point at which my son has agreed to stop bugging me about my age if I'm still riding, because, "That will be too impressive." :rolleyes:

By the way Gray, I did remember to tip a few for you when I was in Vegas over the weekend :thumbsup:

But then you forgot why you tipped them, didn't you?:thumbsup:

Happy B-Day Gray... Super Senior would suggest that your over 55??..

Look on the bright side. You get your coffee cheaper at McDonalds than the rest of us....lol. :thumbsup:

Super Senior here is 50+. But you're right.

there are clues strung thru this web site that will lead you to grayracer's true age.....Thru my vast amount of research (dumb luck) I found it, but have been sworn to not divulge that info.....

anyway, glad you are still having them gray.

beats the alternative.

Hey GreyRacer - happy belated my friend.

Keep on Roosting :thumbsup:

... glad you are still having (birthdays) gray.

beats the alternative.

As Mark Twain observed, "The people with the most birthdays live the longest." :thumbsup:

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