Check out my new header!


That BRP is beautiful. Nice job on the anodized parts. I would like to see more of her. I not asking to take her out or anything :), just a couple more pictures.

Hey Beezer, eat your heart out. :D

Here you go. Last thing I plan to do to her is add a Revloc or EFM autoclutch when they come this winter for the BRP.




These are obviously before I got the header done. Not gonna see nice weather like that again here in Michigan for awhile! :) Thanks!


Very Nice :)

Hey qadsan thanks! I put my Quicksilver on yesterday. Branums was awesome! Fired up first kick and purrrred like a kitten. It was snowing so I could'nt do more than ride it up the street but I like the quick throttle response! Now all I want from Santa is a Autoclutch! Later.

Almost too purty to ride in the dirt - almost.

Danco, you changed to the Quicksilver from the

Mikuni Tm40.I am considering getting the TM40 for my brp

and would be interested in hearing why you changed.

It is the "pumper" Mikuni I'm considering.

cheers, Craig

Sorry Danco, just noticed it is Dutch who has the Mikuni

tm40. Dutch , did you have any fitting problems?

Any other advice on this carb ?

cheers, Craig

I've been real satisfied with the Mikuni. This is a quality flat slide pumper carb that my local dealer got for me for $300.00. The kit comes complete ready to bolt on with new throttle cables and it was on in about an hour. The bike started right up and the low end response is very impressive. It is as easy as the stock carb to twist the throttle and the fuel intake position allows you to run an inline filter. Starts right up after you've flopped it over too. I've run it now for a full season and have no complaints. This is where it came from -


I believe that is THE best looking XR650 I have seen. Now, I know what that is on the front rotor but is it custom made from aluminum? :D

Mike :)

Hey that looks pretty good! I just would like to know how much that costed to get coated because if its too much (over $80) I could just buy a new header. Also do you know if it works with stainless steel? :)

The HPC coating for the header was about $80. I also got the heat sheild done in their crystal coat. Total plus return shipping was $130. DR. Z, unlike the DRZ the BRP header works better than all the aftermarkets except for maybe a full Yosh system. It was a no-brainer for me to do this as it was worth the 130 in looks alone. :) They say it works on any metal surface. If your looking to do stainless it may be cheaper as it won't need to be treated.

The front disk guard is a Devol. The front axels holds it on. Very slick. I think I paid like $70 for it.

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