YZ 450 Vs 250F

A few of my buddies are looking to get bikes. They really wanted 2 strokes until they went to the dealer and found out no one makes them (just like i told them) They dont know if they should get a 250f or 450f. Neither of them have experience on a big bike. And i have no experience on a 250f. Can they keep up with a 450 just doing trails and riding pits? How much weight difference is there between 250f and 450f??? Thanks!

For someones first bike a 250f is great as it has enough power to do anything they want without the bike overpowering them. They shouldn't have a problem keeping up on trails unless your talking about 5th gear wide open on a 450. Yamaha still does make 250 two stroke, but they have probably been bought up as they can compete directly with the 250 four stroke in ama amateur events. This is a new rule. Everyone is buying them as they are competitive and alot cheaper to maintain.


Its the biggest, fastest bike made. One wrong twist of the throttle over a bump or jump and its over, They will get hurt for sure.

I ride a YZ450f my riding buddy rides a YZ450f and my young brother rides a YZ250f. My brother has never had problems keeping up with us at the track or on the trails.

Is far a weight goes there isn't much difference really. I don't know the hard numbers, but I know they feel the same to handle, the 250 just has less raw power, but it still goes!

yeah what are you talking about? Yamaha has the yz125 and 250, ktm has the 125, 200 and 250/300 sx/xc and Suzuki has the RM125 and 250. those are all 2-stroke models.

If they have no experience on big bikes then I would not put them on a 250 smoker or a 450F. A 250F will suit them just fine and will keep up with a 450F on the trails just fine. RV turns faster lap times on his 250F than most of the 450 pro riders.

Haha when i said no one makes 2 stroke i meant to exclude yamaha and the dealer is sold out

I would buy the YZ250t over the 250f in a heartbeat.After gettin off a 450 I can drink a coffee and light a cigar while pinned on a 250f.

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