Argh. Read the whole thread before, don't know how it slipped by.

So in theory, it should go, so I'm going for it.

Well, without heavy modding, it won't go. While presuming, that spacing sprocket/center/disk is correct, as stated, numerous other problems occur.

'98 hub bearings are 42 outer, 20 inner, type 6004.

I believe, that 42 outer, 22 inner bearing doesn't exist. Can't find it online.

Also, in the center of the hub hole, there is a moulded ring, that doesn't allow use of a bigger spacer. This ring would have to be machined out.

If 42 outer, 22 inner bearing doesn't exist, maybe 47/22 does (but at what width?)

This would also require machining the seat for the bearing from 42 to 47 or bigger)

By the way, '98 hub seals already are 47 outer diameter, which then narrows for the bearing.

So, it is not a go to shop, buy new bearings and seals, and install, option.


Seems, that 44 outer, 22 inner bearing exist, even same thickness as original. It will only need 1mm of machining the hub seat.

Seals 47/22 are deliverable cheap.

Next thing is a spacer, which is shorter due to one bearing more in the '98 rim. I think I'll have it made.

Hey GreyRacer,I have a 99 yz 400f and i picked up wheels for a 98 front and rear with hubs, but the hubs i found out are diff on the front and rear. the rear i sent back and they are putting hubs on the wheels from a 99 and sending it back to me, but the front bolted right up, except there is about an 3/8 inch gap between the spacer, and the fork. my uncle has a maching shop and was wondering if i could just make spacers to fit to make the front end tight? is it safe doing that? let me know. thanks.

Please re-examine this info. The answer is in there.

Front Wheels:

The front hub is the same from 1997 to 2001. Uses 20mm bearings. It can be identified by the four cast reinforcement ribs running across the hub.

2002 and up use the same hub. This hub also uses 20mm bearings. It is smooth across the center, with no ribs, and has a larger diameter at that point.

Early Front hubs can be used on 2002 and up by using the 2001 spacers . 2002 hub can be used on earlier bikes by using 2002 and up spacers.

This information applies to all YZ models from 125-450F.

it says that the hubs are the same using the 20mm bearings, which do fit the axle fine, but as i said the spacers are not long enough to cover the entire axle. i see it says early hubs can be used on the 2002 and up by using 2001 spacers, but what about using the early hub on a 99? doesnt say anything about what spacers would work on that year. thanks

What it says is that the hubs are the same '97-'01. If one of yours is different than the other.....

One of your bikes does not have an original wheel, perhaps forks, on it.

well i know the forks are the right ones, i just had them rebuilt, but as long as the axle bearings are the same diameter, i should be ok as far as just making the spacers a little longer on each side, to take up the rest of the space on each axle right?

it looks like the 98 and 99 uses the same diameter on the bearings in the hub, but the hub in not as long as the 99 from end to end so i am hoping to just machine longer spacers to fit in the open space. should be no problem, i would hope. any objections?


Ok, heres another for ya: Looking to replace a rear rim on an 08 YZ450. It is an excel 19 X 2.15. Does excel make wheels that are make dependent? In other words, is a 19" rear rim off a kawi or suzuki going to lace up to a Yamaha hub?

Yes. The nipple angles will vary according to the hub they were drilled for.

Ok, so front hub info back to 98 has been sorted... anyone got details on the earlier generation, 90-97 front wheels? I'm curious if newer wheels can be adapted via bearing swaps or if Yamaha mucked around with more than axle sizes in 98?

92 to 97 WR250s, 92-95 YZ125/YZ250 use a pair of 6003 bearings in the front wheel. 17x35x10.

Unfortunately I can't find a 20x35 ball bearing or a 17x37 so it doesn't look like there is an easy path to put new wheels on old forks or old wheels on new forks without custom spacers/axles.

So will a 02 YZ125 rear wheel fit a 02 CR125? I think but I'm just making sure before i buy the wheel. =)


So will a 02 YZ125 rear wheel fit a 02 CR125?

Uh, no. Not without work.

Uh, no. Not without work.

Okay.... thanks anyways man! :smirk:

Ok I just looked at the part numbers for the hubs. They use the same part number for both 08 and 09 rear hubs. I thought the 09+ had a bigger axle?

Hub part numbers from Yamaha:

2009 = 17D-25311-00-00

2006-2008 = 5ET-25311-00-00

Thank you Gray, I didn't catch the first 3.

Just for the record, the 09+ WR450 never received the new hub, 5ET-25311-00-00 right up to 2012.

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