Run in's with the law??

Any one want to tell us about there "meetings" with the law??

I've had heaps, i'll chuck in a couple in to start.

lost my license 9 times for speeding

Beaten the cops in court twice for speeding offences

now give us more and i'll chuck in some more later.


was trying out my sons TTR90.It was christmas eve and there was snow on the ground.i was riding down the road when a cop passes me he turns around and follows me for a bit.. probably assuming i'd stop but um i don't stop for cops. a few secs later i see the lights come on. did i stop? UM NO!!kept goin minding my own business than i hear the sirens go off !! did i stop ? NO WAY !! had the poor ttr screaming wide open 3rd gear. I slam the breaks and turn into the woods a few minutes later i see a second patrol car ride by with it's lights on. who'd of thought that i'd get away from 2 cops on a ttr 90. needless to say i made it back home safe and sound and the bike was ready for christmas. :)


My son is always asking when he can ride on the roads, or in forests or whatever with me... I tell him he can't, his bike is not registered, nor is he licenced or insured...

Maybe I should just tell him to go cross country if he sees the flashing lights... and come home the back way... LOL Though he is cheeky enough he would try and do some observed trials moves over the cop car before he took off... :)

The local cops know my car, but with the helmet and the tinted Scott goggles, they haven't cottoned on to the fact it is me on the bike... LOL


I have lost 11 points out of 12, and 2 years before they are wiped off and I can start again... :) so I am taking it easy these days in the car... I have beaten 3 tickets in court... and I have to stop pulling wheelies and stoppies at traffic lights or past neighbours... LOL


I know someone is going to come along and post that this sort of topic is just ammo (sorry for the gun talk ! LOL) for the greenies to use against us, so all the above incidences happened to a friend of mine... Honestly...

I am a responsible dirt bike rider and motor vehicle driver, like we all are... right? :)


Surely we were all young once?? Or maybe now we just know how to get away. :)

If you get too many points they send you out an option,

1. loose your license for three months, get all your points back

2. keep driving and be a good boy for 12 months and get all your points back, but if you get caught in that 12 months, you loose your license for 6 months and get all your points back.

As you can see they are keen to give your points back, and why............revenue.


I stop for the cops just to see what they have to say but always find they are offended by the "Shoot Ferals" sticker on the back of the yoot (Australians will understand).

Most cops I have found to be pretty good, one stopped us on his BMW cop bike last year, he rode 500 metres along a sand track mainly cos he had never seen a paddle before - "don't ride on the road then boys...."

Best story I have come across lately was when I sold an XR50 to a mate who picked it up on his way to a party. The bloke holding the party decided to ride it through the bottleshop, explaining to his mates that his CR500 had given birth to the little fella overnight. He bought a can of Rum and went home returning again when he needed another can. For some reason the cops were waiting outside and chased him, but he ducked in through the primary school, behind the gym and in his back gate - a magic escape.

In a town of 30 it came as a bit of a surprise to him when the cops were waiting at his house despite his ellusive moves. Luckily in a town of 30 cops need friends.

A line not to use when two female cops arrive at your 30th because of the music: "about time you strippers turned up - where do you want the stereo?"

A line not to be used when two fat cops turn up at your mates 30th complaining about the music for the third time "who ate all the pies then?"

Up here if you ran the cops on a dirt bike when there was snow on the ground, they would follow your tracks right to your house, unless of course it was snowing so hard that the trail was buried too quickly. Those Jersey cops are either really dumb, or too smart to get out and freeze their a$$es off just to nail some guy on his kid's mini-bike. Either way ya gotta like it - send 'em up my way! :):D

Peace Eh - P.Z.

You guy's are killin me. :):D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Lets just say that if anyone ever asks me if I was in the service, I say "Yeah community service". But that would have to be for an off topic post.

It is a bit different up here in QLD... the Point Nazis have a different attitude...

Anyway, the cops up here are still putting around on XR400's... so the WR is an unfair match... esp. when you have the adrenaline advantage... LOL

It always pays to know where your local cop drinks, so you can pop into the bar from time to time and sit and wave to them each time they get a new beer in their hands... then when they pull you up in a few weeks, you can ask "was that 9 or 10 beers you had on last Tuesday before you drove home...?"


That must be a small town you're in?? i'd have to try and keep up with about 120 of the......................nice fellows. :)

My best one was on a street bike. Me and my exwife were going down the freeway and I got pulled over with another car. Well he came up to me and started yelling at me that I'm gonna kill the women on the back of the bike and that I was riding like a moron. Now I have ridden like a moron before and I wasn't this time. Well he went back to contact the other driver then came back up to me. This is when I informed him that me and my wife were both police officers and that the way he was acting was totally unprofessional. Well that led into another argument. Well my wife told me later, I didn't hear it, but as he walked away I was putting on my helmet he called me a wimp. Got a good laugh out of that one. Hey I'll be the first to say there are some ass's working in my job, just like any other.

When I was a kid I had a yamaha r5-350 twin. It was the predecessor to the famous RD reed valve. Well anyway I had the r5 spec'd to TD3 road race motor, including crank flywheel and twin 35 mm mikuni's. the bike dyno'd just above 55 hp. The Factory td3 ran above 58 stock.

Anyway, this was also my road bike, I would slap a total loose battery on it and lights then go for quick runs around the hood.

Well I was coming back from a friends house and heading down this two lane road, when some dip wad decided to try and play tag the brakes and see if I would try and pass. Each time I did he would gas it.. I knew the road and knew that a slow sleeper was coming up. So I dropped two gears, pegged it and slammed past him on the rear wheel flipping him off.

Ok so here is the law part.

In that same slow sweeper is a gas station a perfect hide out for cops. Well as I went by flipping the dude off, the cop saw the whole thing I did not see the cop (He was on a 750 4 Honda). Ok so I go on my merry way just flipping through gears, doing wheelies and hanging off the knee through turns as I head my way home.

Here is the end of the story::

I end up pulling into my drive way, approx 5 miles after the wheelie pass. I park the bike at the street leaning it up against the tree, walk up the drive way, open the garage door and here this bike just screaming down the street. Its a cop, he slams the brakes spins around and heads right up to me jumping off his bike.....

My neighbor is in his garage across the street he says what the heck is that cop doing. So the cop walks right up to me pushes me up against my parents car spins me around and cuffs me.

I am like Holy Crap what did I do. My neighbir yells out hey John you need help and the copjust looked at him and said mind your own buisness.

The cop starts screaming at me for evading him and not pulling over. I said Dude if I new you were behind me ya never would have caught me. This guy started looking at my bike, then got quite and started asking me what I had done to it. Turns out he road raced at sears point also on a 125 and like the bike....

I only ended up with a fix it ticket for the total loss wiring and no mirrors

True story....

I was chased many times in my younger days but never caught. I would just pretent I never saw them.

One time I was riding up an old CN rail line when a city cop on a 80's MX 175 and a CN security gaurd on a Suzuki

TS 185 started following me.I let them catch up and then

blasted a 3 gear wheelie on my YZ 465 and flew down a very familiar trail. I looked back a couple miles latter and they were no were to be found.Wish I could have seen the look on their faces.

Now I'm older , wiser and mabe I don't have as much nerve to do somthing like that,so I'm licenced,Insured and street legal.

I have had a lot of run with the cops on bikes. I'll just pass along a few.

Before I got married I rode with about 25 guys with sport bikes in the Denver area. A buddy and I picked up these 2 cute girls that just wanted a ride. We were screwing around, riding wheelies and hammering it pretty good when a cop saw us and pulled us over. He told us to go to the back of the car and talk with him. He said "You boys need to start thinking with your big heads instead of your little heads". He then goes into this long drawn out speech about 45 point tickets, losing our license for 3-5 years, etc. and then lets us go. Pretty cool!

Another one was leaving my house went 2 blocks and got pulled over and given a 12 point ticket for "Excessive Acceleration". What a load of crap. $250 later and 12 hours of driving classes I ended up with only a 4 point ticket. The cop was a real ass and there was a reason. For over 3 months, 25+ guys on sport bikes would leave downtown Denver @2:30 am and ride right past the Police Station that was at the edge of the highway on the weekends. Everyone would run down the Interstate WFO and when we saw lights, people split up. I'd just turn off the ignition, coast down the off ramp into my neighborhood, flick the ignition back on and go home. It's amazing how far you can coast at 130-140 mph.

The last funny one was recently. We went trail riding in the mountains with about 6 guys. All but 2 of the bikes were street legal. After we are finished, a woman cop drives up the road and we all set our beers down. She asked us where we were riding. We pointed to a dirt road across from where we parked, perpendicular to where we came in. She then asked who gave us permission to ride there and I said "The US Forest Service". She got quite pissed and started giving us a lot of crap. I showed her the plates on the back of our bikes which would have allowed us to ride the road as well. I pulled out a map and we explained that we'd be more than happy to educate her on the area. She left almost immediately. It was a good day.

The worst one I've heard was my roommate in college. He was riding his motorcycle home from the bar very late one night. He had waaaayyy too much to drink and started puking as he was riding along very slowly. A cop saw him and followed him home and took him to jail and gave him a DUI.

I got pulled over at a stop light one night after attending the Superbike road races. Cop asked how fast I was going and I replied "I have no idea, I was too busy scanning the ditches for critters eyes lighting up, no time to check the speedo!" He informed me that I was clocked at 132MPH a few miles back, then proceeded with the lecture. I just hung my head and kept agreeing with what he said. Last thing he said was "Yea, I know what it's like, you guys come up here to watch the races and you all think you're Superbike pro's... now get out of here and keep it below the limit!"

Some cops are human! Turned out he liked bikes too and realized that even though I was breaking the law, I was in control and gave me a break! :)

Rode my bike to work. I had to do a system installation that night that I thought would be done by 6pm. Well, at 9pm when I finally got out of there, I was pissed!

I got pulled over on I-5 by a state trooper. These guys have always been hardasses when I've encountered them in the past. Very by-the-book and professional, hardasses, not a$$holes.

Well, this cop says do you know how fast you were going? I told him that I hadn't really been paying attention. He said is was paced at 81 mph and that I had failed to use a turn indicator for any of my lane changes while he was observing me. I admitted to having a longer-than usual day and that I was just anxious to get home. He then told me to slow down, use my turn signals and keep the rubber side down, gave me my license back and sent me on my way. Sweet! No Ticket! Pretty cool trooper.

This was one of my "good" run-ins with the man. I'll have to let the statute of limitations run out before I'll admit to any of my more heinous acts! :D:)

You guys keep talking Like cops are out for dirt bikers, you would be surprised how many of us ride. I was riding dirt bike's before most of you were even a twinkle in your fathers eye. Cops are just like all the rest of us. I'am obsessed with dirt bikes, I live, breathe, eat, and sleep dirt bikes. Me and some of my cop friends have got 03 WR450's ordered, and were so excited we can't sleep. I would love to list all the bikes I have owned, but it would be about a foot long!

Remember, cops love a good bust!

Two months ago while riding my Hayabusa, I got stopped just outside of towm for a 95 mph wheelie. When the lights came on, I stopped and showed him my papers. He told me to cool it....they didn't want to scoop me off the road. The n let me go! I thought for sure I was going to jail.

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