How did your AMA dues help influence elections ?

Another lost opportunity for the self-appointed "voice and leadership" of our sport? PLEASE tell me of ANY election or campaign the AMA actually supported or opposed or any issue they brought before the voting public...? Where did all the money go..? :)

The ama could not influence a pig to get in the mud, let alone anything else. The ama is nothing any more it has no power what soever in any political forum.

When was the last endorsements you heard of for any politician from the ama.

They have no effectual lobby in congress they are dead.

All they can do is simply screw up regulation.

It is time for a new guard in the ama or for its demise

yes I am a card carrying member as well as blue ribbon, and others. I also am a card caring member of disney land and nickelodeon btw

That is my point exactly, E.G.O.

The AMA needs revamped. New leadership. Serious purpose and goals. I've been paying for memberships for my sons and, until this year, myself, for years. The only reason I renewed my sons' memberships is so they could race. Our club runs one of the best tracks in D-22. My feelings are no secret, but I haven't pushed them since I was invited to join less than a year ago. So I was very surprised (and pleased) to hear the long-time leadership express their indifference to remaining AMA. We don't need them. All they do is TAKE. Wouldn't know an AMA dude if he walked up and introduced himself: "Just keep putting the checks in the mail."

It is even more aggravating to know that the AMA continues to promote themselves as the voice and guardian of our sport. In what way, exactly?

I truly hope someone can tell me "The AMA did 'this' or helped with 'that' in my local area." It isn't happening...

We will continue to be extremely vulernable to off-road opponents as long as we wait for the AMA to live up to promises and expectations. Yet we all like to compete and/or attend organized events. "AMA sanctioned" events. Is that like a blessing from the Pope? Can non-AMA events be just as fun? My family spent thousands just this season alone on gate and entry fees. It sickens me to think the AMA just "took" and didn't give a damned thing back to the sport!

How can we possibly even HOPE to win ANY battle with a "paper army"? The Government has long ago proven that simply throwing money at a problem only expands the problem, feeds the machine, and grows the beast, which in turn demands MORE money...

Off-road motorsports needs its own truly dedicated organization. The AMA is not it. :)

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