XR600R question about kickstart gear, idler gear

im reassembling my 86 XR600 after complete trans. rebuild. the case is back together and im not understanding why the kickstart clicks backward when the crank is rotating. Does it constantly do that while the bike is running or what. I kinda thought that the kickstart gear would not rotate after the bike has started but just want to double check. Thanks in advance.

Well if you rotate the crank and the kickstarts moving then somethings not right.Mine did the same thing and I couldn't figure out what was causing it.Before realizing it was a problem I kicked it over and the lever flew back and smashed a hole in the clutch cover.Someone reckoned I had the kickstart lever to far forward on the spline..I doubt that.This happened twice to two separate clutch casings before I had the brains to take it to a pro..Luckily I had spares. In the end I took it to a guy who knows more about these engines than I do and he removed the decompressor actuator which works off the kickstart mechanism..That fixed it.My advice take it to a guy who knows these engines or risk smashing a clutch casing...They are not cheap and somewhat rare secondhand.

I dont know if this will help, but if the kickstart gears are not in the"bike running" position it will click.

thats what i was unsure of, maybe the bike does have to be fully assembled and running in order for the clicking to stop. i dont see anything wrong with the kickstart and it was never fully taken aprt just removed from the case. if you try to turn the kickstart gear and install it just starts clicking again. i thought the teeth on that lock together and click were supposed to separate once the bike has started.

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