O-ring mod without taking carb off??

Looks like you could do the O ring mod on the right side of the carb without removing it completely. Looks like a couple torx screws holding the cover on and that's it. Correct?

ya i did mine with out taking off the carb. I used a small pic to reach in there and streatch it around the AP linkage wasnt too hard at all.

Not torx, Allen bolts.

As headhunter622 states, it is easy to do using a pick or a pair of needle nose pliers.

What year bikes are you guys working on? I would like to know how to do the o ring on my 07 without pulling everything apart, but i'm guessing that you guys are taliking about the steel frame bikes.


mine is a 2000 400 i just had to take the ignition coil off to get the side cover off the carb. From there you can see everything you need to get to for the o-ring mod. Im not sure if its any harder to get to the side of the carb on an aloy framed bike...???

No, I just did an alloy framed bike. If you use a ball end allen wrench, it is only a little difficult to remove the cover over the throttle wheel.

What size 0-ring should I buy? I do not want an entire jetting kit because I am already jetted.

I just went to the local hare store that had an asortment of O rings. The size i got was 1 centemeter (i think it was a centemeter im not fuch of a metric man....LOL) from out side to outside. They had a little ruler there to measure bolts with that i used. The o ring just rolled onto the AP timing screw kinda snug but not all that tight. I then just took a pick and streatched it around the AP linkage. The O ring costed all of 25 cents.

The mod definatley made it squirt harder I still need to mess with the timing of the AP and maybe go a little leaner of the pilot jet. I was able to load up the engine a little while I was riding it and just slightley blurping the throttle...

In plumbing vernacular, it is #78

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