2006 yz450f improvised lighting

I posted earlier that illinois dmv screwed up on my title for my 06 yz450f they didnt list as OFFroad only, so today i went and transfered my plates from my old drz to the yz so im legal. But i need to get some lights on it. Im thinking on putting on a Mtn bike Led head light i wont be riding it at night just daytime local strafing runs cause its supermotoed out. all illinois law states is that the light must be visible from 500ft and i allready have a baja designs tail light the led one.

Does anyone know what the wattage is on the baja designs tail light is and if i got a small battery for the tail light what would be sufficient enough for say a 2-3 hr ride with the tail light on.

im thinking of getting one of those Mtn bike rechargeable battery packs to power it do you think it will work or any one have any better ideas.

here is some links to some mtn bike stuff i could incorporate.

Let me know what you guys think

I just want to be able to cover my ass if i get pulled over.

Head light:







I wouldn't mess around with anything other than a stator to provide lighting if your going to ride even a little on the street. Once you get a taste of riding on the street your're gonna want to do it more and anything other than a stator to provide lights for riding on the road is not worth it IMO. For $150 I got a new Electro sport stator (only 50w though) and I don't have to worry about recharging anything. Not sure about a coil/stator for the 2006 models though? Thought I read a post on that year not having anything available yet? If you have the $ then Baja Designs is the way to go!

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