WR400 all ok

hi there,

ive got a 2000 wr400 and a few weeks ago i had a white bothers e-series system fitted (5 plates). i rode it home steady due to having new tyres fitted at the same time.

ive not used it since and last night i decided to change the water pump due to a slight weep......all went well and it no longer weeps :eek:

while i was doing this i fitted a new air filter with plenty of oil on it......and when i came to kick it up.....it was a pig to start and kept cutting out.

ive taken the filter out and dried it a bit......it now starts first kick as usual and runs ok ish.....but it feels like its running out of steam too quick through the gears and when ticking over if i give it a some revs.....it bogs down and cuts out.

sorry for being a bit long winded but i didnt want to miss anything out.


PLEASE IGNORE - was due to me putting to much oil on the filter.....runs like a good un now its dry :thumbsup:

Did you re-jet after the aftermarket pipe was installed?...SC

it wasnt rejetted......

YAHTZEE!!! :thumbsup:...SC

i have read there are a few jets......should i start by just swapping the main one? and would i be best just going for the next one up? im pretty new to off road bikes so bear with me on the obvious stuff :thumbsup:

According to white brothers, the e series DOES NOT require rejetting.

I put one on my bike a month ago, but due to everything being covered in snow and ice, it hasn't been started yet, will report on it once I do fire it up.

cheers bud......

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