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How to change the cam chain.

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Is there a guide someone can guide me to or explain on how to change the cam chain. I appreciate the help anyone can give.

You have to remove the flywheel and the cams and loosen the cam chain tensoner. You may not have to remove the cam chain guide. If memory serves me correct there's a small metal plate under the flywheel that covers part of the cam chain. Remove that also, I think it's just 2 bolts.

The cam chain will be installed from the flywheel and up through to the top end. If your old chain is still in place you will drop it down and remove it from the flywheel side. If you tie a piece of wire on the old chain before you pull it out the bottom, you can use the wire as a fish line to pull the new one back up. It's not necessary but makes it a little easier.

Once the new chain is in place you have to set the cam timing. You have to slip the flywheel back in place on the crank so you can use the timing marks, but I would advise you not to tighten it until you are finished. Sometimes the cam chain can hang down a link on the bottom sprocket (at the crank) and makes it impossible to install as the chain seems a bit too short. With the flywheel off it's easy to see the chain on the sprocket to see if a link is hanging.

When everything is properly timed, tighten the flywheel and then recheck the cam timing one last time to be sure that the flywheel was in the proper position when you were installing the chain. There is a small key that fits in a slot in the crankshaft and flywheel that aligns it on the crank, so unless the key pops out, you shouldn't have a problem temporarily setting it on the crank.

Hope this helps.

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Very cool. Thanks for the info it will help me out a lot. I usually do all the work to my own bike just was not to sure about this job. The parts are actually really cheap. Thanks for the reply. Time to get started .

Thanks again,


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