Did the 03' wr lose weight too?

I just left the Yamaha Dealer where I test rode the yz450f.

WOW! Feels as light as my 01 wr250f. I'm waiting on the 03

wr because of the button and "weight loss". The salesman

said he didn't think the new wr got the "lightend" updates

that the yz got, just new seat, tank, and starter. I did watch a video they had and it spent 30 minutes on the yz and 2 on the wr...DOES ANYONE KNOW?

I would've put a deposit down after feeling the YZ, but I would like to know about weight(which is N/A in all of their brochures)

Thanks for the Help,


In this months issue of Dirt Rider magazine they have an excellent write up on the YZ450. They list a few of the differences between the YZ and WR. One of them is the 18 lbs of extra weight the WR carries. It is supposed to be a few pounds lighter than last years. If the YZ lists at 232 and you add 18 that puts the WR at 250 dry. Sounds about right to me. My 2001 WR426 weighs in wet at 267 and 21.4 lbs of that is fuel. 267 - 21.4 = 245.6 then add the oil and you get about 250 or so. Can't wait for Dec. Good luck getting in on an 03. I put a deposit five months ago.

I doubt that it will have lost any weight. It will probably be a little heavier or equal to the 02's with battery, starter, etc..., but who cares it's a 450, if you want light buy a 250. :)

In aus they are saying that the wr 450 will weigh less than th 02 wr 426, they are not saying by how much.

They had one at the Laguna Seca Superbike races in July. The Yam reps didn't know what the weight was. I guess bringing a freaking bathroom scale was too technical. I'd say that since Yamaha isn't saying what the weight is, it is heavier than the last one and they don't want to admit it.

The WR brochure claims the 450 has lost weight. The question is compared to what and how much? At this point I don't care with the improved ergos and improved power and torque a great bike just got better. :)

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