Using The Clutch Question?

Can you upshift with no clutch ?If you can how? Can you down shift no clutch?

u can up shift with no clutch... sometimes racers do it.. to lessen fatigue in wrist/forearm and to make shifts faster... what you do is just let go of gas and shift up its that easy... you cannot shift down with no clutch do not try it please for all our sakes.. because the next week you'll see your tranny make big clanking noise and ur clutch is either hard as a rock or way too soft and now u need new tranny so please don't try but u can up shift with no clutch... i don't recommended either unless done right and have money sitting around just in case.

An up shit here an there without the clutch isn't bad(its simple you just let go of the throttle and shift with no clutch). Down shifting without the clutch isn't something you wanna do..but up and down shifting without clutch is possible- you do it the same way i guess i never tried it.

Lots of people shift with no clutch and without letting off the gas, and the transmissions are designed to do it, but it does increase wear on some parts such as the gear dogs so you'll have less tranny repairs in your future if you use the clutch. If you read lots of the magazine shoot outs, they often mention how well a bike will or won't shift without the clutch while full throttle. So in short, yes you can do it, but if you're buying your own parts then it's not recommended. :busted:

you can shift up and down without the clutch... I rarely use the clutch except for starting or cornering..

Thanks guys for clearing that up for me,But steve says you can shift down with no clutch?

sure, why not? it's actually under less load shifting down than shifting up while at full throttle. just don't get excited and overrev the motor.

During a race i upshift and downshift without using the clutch...all the time....No problems. Sometimes it doesn't work out to with a brand new bike.....until everything is good and broken in.

heck i never think about it when im riding maybe i do maybe i dont:confused: i just keep one finger on the clutch and let her rip:ride:


These gearboxes are "'tuffer than a woodpecker's face". I have a '74 YZ 360 that I used to race 2-3 times a month. The only time I use the clutch on that thing is off the gate, and hard braking into corners, or slipping it a bit coming out. This machine is almost 35 years old, I have been racing it for the past 15 years, and have never had an issue with the gearbox. It is a simple matter to instantaneously cut the throttle on the upshift before banging the shift lever, like wise on the down shift, just don't pound the shift lever down 2-3 gears without slowing appropriately to match engine rpm with the speed of the bike. (example: screaming along in 4th gear at 50 mph, and suddenly trying to find 2nd/1st gear.) The gearbox can probably handle it, but the valvetrain on our thumpers won't.

You can up shift and down shift with no clutch,i do it all the time in panic mode:lol:. Don't just jam it,use throttle control and you will find that it is real easy to shift with no clutch.:busted:

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