Proud Owner Of A New 08 WR450......

I just added a new WR to my small collection this weekend. Just the short run I did in the parking lot shows how much better the Aluminum frame handles. WOW! So, with that said, I know most of the free mods, however not sure what to do to the air box. What is the skinniny on the 08's? AIS kit, ZIP-TY screw, air box? :cool: pipe mods, etc. Any others? Please reply with sugestions.......

OH YA, I plan on taking the 05 to AZ and get plated. I really want to do some dual sport rides now. Any sugestions on the AZ plating?. My aunt lives there and I have an address.

Any Arizona guys that could offer a helping hand to a So Cal WR owner?.

So the 05 on odd days and the 08 on even days.........LOL :applause: Now have four YAMAHA's in the garage. OH WAIT......5 I still have my 1978 RD 400 that my dad bougt me when I turned 151/2.

Thanks for the info. Had my '08 for a week now.

Still love it, even tho I need to have a fire crew follow me around... :cool:

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